Demand SeaWorld Atone for Killing Baby Beluga Whale

It is abundantly clear that beluga whales do not belong in captivity, and SeaWorld just provided the world with further proof. A baby beluga died in the totally unnatural conditions of SeaWorld Orlando's barren tanks after living only one week after birth. Tell SeaWorld to release all remaining captives to sanctuaries!

The tiny calf, born to 17-year old Whisper, died during the week of July 3. The cause of death remains unknown. This was despite the fact that, as SeaWorld said in a statement, Whisper, "received routine ultrasounds and health assessments to monitor her and the calf's progress throughout the pregnancy, which progressed as expected."

This is the second newborn cetacean death the facility has faced in a year, and according to Cetabase, the sixth one since 2015. Deaths at SeaWorld are among the many reasons the company was shamed in the number one spot of In Defense of Animals' Ten Worst Tanks list.

SeaWorld says that Whisper is "active and alert", but has made no mention of any potential grieving or emotional distress she may be experiencing. SeaWorld would have the public ignorantly believe that belugas can only be happy, but never sad.

What you can do:



Tell SeaWorld to stop beluga captivity once and for all, and to retire all whales and dolphins to seaside sanctuaries now!

1) Make a quick polite call to the aquarium of SeaWorld Orlando and ask that, in light of the recent beluga calf death, that SeaWorld look into retirement options for all of its cetaceans.

Call 1-407-351- 3600. Press 5 for business offices, then press 4 for the animals department; then press 4 for the aquarium and either speak to a representative or leave a polite message.

You can simply leave your name and contact info, then say something like, "I'm calling because I am upset about the recent beluga calf death at your park, and I think your whole company needs to stop captive breeding programs at all of its parks and instead look into retirement options for all the existing cetaceans."

2) Send our letter to SeaWorld. You may personalize if you wish.

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