Virgin Airlines: Save Millions of Animals and Cut Environmental Baggage

Last week, Air India made one simple change that will save hundreds of thousands of animals from short, brutal lives and untimely deaths - it stopped serving non-vegetarian meals. If we encourage other airlines to adopt this in-flight meal policy, we can save millions of animals, reduce global warming and increase environmental sustainability! Help us replace the outdated paradigm of meat-based meals on planes with tasty, nutritious plant-based food. With Air India's news hot off the press, we must act now on this chance to save millions of animals from cruel deaths!

Air travel is one of the most notorious carbon polluters, which harms wild animals by changing natural habitats and acidifying oceans. Offering a plant-based meal not only saves animals directly by not serving them, but saves more animals by reducing greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions from farming that harm wild animals and the planet. There is a large body of evidence linking meat-based diets with unsustainable levels of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide production. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that a meat-based diet uses more energy, land, and water than a plant-based diet.

As an environmentally conscious company with a strong track record of promoting environmental sustainability, Virgin Airlines is ideally placed to lead the industry in a transition to plant-based meals. The time has never been better to call on Virgin to go meat-free!

What you can do:



Please join us in asking Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America (Alaska Airlines) and Virgin Australia to take the next step in reducing their carbon footprints. Make plant-based meals the default option on all flights!

1. If you live in the U.S., please call 877 359 8474 (customer service representatives are available 24/7).

After the prompt, press "0" and respond to the auto-prompt by stating "something else" to be connected through to a customer service representative.

Once connected, you can say something like, "Hi, I'm calling to express my support for Virgin Airlines to make plant-based meals the default selection on all flights. This simple switch will cuts costs, dramatically reduce greenhouse gas and carbons emissions, easily address an array of dietary requirements, and reduce waste. Will you please pass my message on to management?"

2. After your call, please submit our letter by filling out the fields on this page.

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