Demand Justice for Hundreds of Hurt and Hoarded Cats

Imagine you're a rescuer, and you see a post on Facebook begging someone, anyone to please rescue a few dozen abandoned cats at a rural location near your hometown. Now imagine that as you go to investigate at 11:00 at night, and in total darkness, that as you approach the property, you see several dozen pairs of eyes, lighted up by your car's headlights, staring back at you from the darkness. This was scene when the first rescuer from Project Save-A-Cat’s-Life drove up to the abandoned property in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada on July 16, and it only got worse. We desperately need your help to make things right.

When she arrived that first night, the cats swarmed her, running to her car, starving, and begging for food. Fortunately, she had plenty of food with her, and began feeding the poor creatures, who had not been fed in months. Returning the next morning, she found nearly a hundred cats, abandoned and starving. Most of the cats were friendly, including kittens as young as 4 weeks old and many with untreated injuries, with some quite serious. She knew she’d need help with a project this large, and teamed up with Beamsville 4Paw Rescue to start removing and vetting the cats.

As bad as this all was, it was about to get much worse.

Also found on the property were more than 153 dead cats and four dead dogs. A truly horrific scene.

Shockingly, the person responsible for all this carnage and suffering was already well known to local animal cruelty investigators. This property, which the female hoarder was renting, was, in fact, already part of an investigation by the Lincoln County Humane Society (LCHS) that had been going on since at least December 2016 - an investigation it appears they mishandled, allowing for the suffering and deaths of hundreds of cats. We can't let this crime remain uninvestigated and unprosecuted!

What you can do:



Please call and write Mayor Sharon Easton of the Town of Lincoln. She is the only person with the power to ensure that a full and proper investigation into this horrible case is brought forward and that the appropriate charges are laid against the person responsible.

1) Call Mayor Sharon Easton: (905) 563-8205

If she does not answer, leave your message with her secretary. If she answers, please be exceptionally polite. Ask her to please call for an full independent animal cruelty investigation by the Ontario SPCA’s Chief Investigator into the horrific cat hoarding case in Beamsville.

2) Send our letter.


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Launch Independent Animal Cruelty Investigation Into Cat Hoarding Case in Beamsville

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