Stop Tyson Foods from Condemning 1.25 Million MORE Animals Each Week to Slaughter!

Animal advocates, Kansas legislators, and over 5,000 Leavenworth County residents are standing together to stop Tyson Foods from opening a 320-million-dollar mega chicken hatchery, feed mill, and slaughterhouse in Tonganoxie, Kansas. Tyson's shocking history of merciless animal cruelty, toxic environmental pollution, and brutal human labor abuse is well known, and Tyson's proposal has been met with vocal opposition, but the deciding power rests in the hands of the Leavenworth County Planning and Zoning Commission, so we must urge them to SAY NO before it's too late!

Tyson's proposal to build this mega facility was kept secret from the public until just last week. City and County leaders have known about these plans for a while, but were asked to signed non-disclosure agreements and stay quiet. Tyson's plan even had a code name of "Project Sunset."

If this facility is allowed to go ahead, it will condemn 1.25 million sentient animals each week to slaughter, pollute the air with toxic gases from their decomposing excrement, pollute precious water supplies with pesticides, antibiotics and bacteria, overuse and damage roads which the county lacks funding to repair, and stress the Tonganoxie school district which does not have the capacity to accommodate the children of 1,600 new workers.

Every single one of these damages will be paid by suffering animals, a suffering community and a suffering environment, not Tyson. Tyson just gets to rake in the money and make short-sighted public relation claims about "contributing to the economy."

What you can do:



We must stop Tyson from forging ahead with its vile plans! Contact the Leavenworth County Planning and Zoning Commission and urge them to SAY NO before it's a done deal! The meeting for Tyson's zoning permit is still going ahead which is happening at 9 am this Thursday, so please take action TODAY.

1) Call the Leavenworth County Government Office between 9 am and 5 pm CST, Monday-Friday, at 913-684-0465 and ask to speak to the Leavenworth County Planning and Zoning Department.

You can simply say, "I urge you to do everything in your power to reject Tyson's proposal for commercial land zoning in Leavenworth County. If this facility is allowed to go ahead, it will pollute the air with toxic gases from decomposing animal waste, pollute precious water supplies, and condemn millions of animals to a lifetime of suffering. When considering the environmental damage from a facility of this scale, what pollutes one county will eventually harm us all."

Consider calling Tonganoxie Mayor Jason Ward (913- 845-2765) and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (877-579-6757) to say the same thing.

2) Send our letter to the Leavenworth Planning and Zoning Department, Tonganoxie Mayor Jason Ward, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Jackie McClaskey . They have the power to reject Tyson's proposal!


Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • Jeff Joseph - Director
  • Stephanie Sloop - Planning Coordinator
  • Krystal Davis - Planner
  • Michael Swan - Assistant Planner
  • Melissa Johnson - Code Enforcement Officer
  • Jason Ward - Tonganoxie Mayor
  • Sam Brownback - Kansas Governor
  • Jackie McClaskey - Kansas Secretary of Agriculture


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