Stop Yale Sparrow Slaughter

Dr. Christine Lattin is a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University who kills birds for a living. She captures house sparrows and other wild birds before subjecting them to cruel and invasive tests, and ultimately kills them.

One of her studies highlighted by PETA involved mixing oil with the sparrows' food. Another study supposedly "investigated the role of stress hormones in wound healing," in which she used a punch to cut skin out of sparrows' legs. As if this weren't bad enough, Lattin kills the sparrows after subjecting them to this horrific ordeal and cuts them up to examine their brains and tissues.

House sparrows are very social creatures, and are even known to form flocks with other species of birds. Taking them from their homes only to confine, harm, and ultimately kill them is cruel and unjustified no matter what knowledge may be gained. Dr. Lattin perversely claims that her experiments will aid bird welfare and conservation, but capturing and killing wild birds is no way to help them. Please join us in telling Yale University to stop supporting sparrow torture!

What you can do:



1.) Call the office of Peter Salovey, the current president of Yale University, and let him know you oppose Dr. Christine Lattin’s cruel experiments.


2.) Submit our letter below to let President Salovey know you oppose Dr. Lattin’s use of house sparrows in her research.


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  • Peter Salovey - current president of Yale University




Stop the Sparrow Slaughter at Yale

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