Alligators Heads Cut off for Truck Stop Trophies

Imagine you're on a road trip and you need to make a stop. You happen to arrive at one of the 430 Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores located in 41 states in the US. You fill up the tank, go into the convenience store for snacks, drinks and use the restroom. As you head up to the register and glance at the items on offer, you see the severed heads of several alligators on display for sale as novelties. Along with the usual impulse items is a callous and disrespectful display of the heads of members of a fellow species. Tell Love's to stop this cruelty!

Humans have largely vilified and feared, but also held a fascination for these ancient animals. Although alligators are predators to be respected, Love's sickening truck stops proves that we are far more deadly to alligators than they are to us.

Love's disrespectful and callous display of these individuals' heads may evoke smirks and trite conversation amongst some travelers, but to those of us who regard the lives of others, the sight is repulsive and abhorrent. We should not be subjected to the insensitive capitalization of animals' heads, or any other body parts, regardless of their species.

Love's merchandising department has not yet disclosed to us the number of its travel stops that profit from the selling of alligator heads. Let it be our mission to see that none of Love's truck stops be the purveyor of the heads of any species. The photo depicting the display of alligator heads at the Canton, Mississippi Love's Country Store was taken by our Justice for Animals Campaign Director, Doll Stanley.

What you can do:



Love's is family-owned and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tom Love is the founder and chairman of the corporation. Please join us in respectfully and convincingly letting him know that the selling of any species' head is offensive enough to dissuade us from stopping at a Love's center in favor of one of Love's competitors by making a call and sending our email.

1) Please call (800) OK-LOVES (655-6837) EX 6 and politely ask Stacey to tell Chairman Love that you will not be stopping at one of Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores until In Defense of Animals has reported that Love's has removed the heads of alligators from its travel stops "on-the-go items." Don't be daunted if Stacey is unable to answer. You may leave a message. If the message machine is full, try speaking with her, or leaving a message the next day. Even if you are not able to speak with Stacey, or leave a message, Love's will get the message that the controversy over the selling of alligator heads in any of their stores is not worth losing customers.

2) Please submit our alert which will instantly send an email to Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores.


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