Stop Bow Hunting Massacre of Whitetail Deer in Silver Lake, Ohio

In a scenic Ohio village, authorities have cleared a path to lure the few remaining deer of Silver Lake to their brutal and bloody deaths by bow hunters. Bow hunting is extremely cruel with documented, prolonged deaths due to profuse bleeding. Deer often stagger away to slowly die only after being shot with multiple arrows. There is nothing humane about bow hunting, and should deer populations need regulation, there are better ways to proceed. We can't let this happen!

Silver Lake Village residents were deprived of the opportunity to speak with the mayor and council about their plans to kill local deer due to exaggerated claims of overpopulation and eating flowers. The mayor blithely claims the deer are problematic, yet has no official count of the deer to verify his claim of an "overage and abundance of deer."

According to local activist Vicky Marimon, deer advocates were only allowed to state their comments at city council meetings for three minutes without the benefit of dialogue. Activists were denied personal meetings with council members and most of their phone messages were ignored. They also requested this issue to be placed on the ballot, which was denied by the mayor. A request to perform an actual count of the deer was also denied, despite recent resident reports of fewer deer. We're extremely disheartened by the mayor's blatant discrimination and intimidation of local deer activists, and we understand why local activists are heartbroken that authorities will kill the few neighborhood deer they have come to know and love.

"My family has grown up with the deer in Silver Lake and we consider them the best part of living in Silver Lake Village. We can't bear the thought of our beautiful deer being killed by bow hunters in our nature reserve," says Vicky Marimon. Stop the proposed killing, and support Vicky and other animal activists working tirelessly to save the last Silver Lake deer by making a call and signing our letter!

What you can do:



1. Please call Silver Lake Mayor Bernie Hovey. The receptionist will put you through to the Mayor's voicemail if he is not available.

Bernie Hovey, Mayor, (330) 923-5233

Say that you oppose the killing of Silver Lake deer and that without an accurate population study, there can be no scientific justification for any attempts to decrease the deer population. If a population study later does determine there are too many deer for the land to support, then humane methods of population control, such as sterilization should be utilized.

2. Send our letter to the Mayor and Council Members of Silver Lake to stop the killing and to show solidarity with local deer activists.


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  • Bernie Hovey - Mayor, Silver Lake
  • Council Members of Silver Lake


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Save the Last Silver Lake Deer From Bow Hunters

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