Stop Birds Being Boiled Alive!

If you are unlucky enough to be a chicken sent to slaughter, there's a chance you will be boiled alive in a scalding tank. The National Chicken Council is now making a bid to lift slaughter speed restrictions which will see even more animals endure this gruesome torture. We must speak up NOW to stop this!

Former Tyson slaughterhouse employee, Virgil Butler, provides a first-hand account of the horrific consequences of fast line speeds:

"I was responsible for trying to slit the throats of the chickens the machine missed on the nights I worked the killing room. Our line runs 182 shackles per minute. It is physically impossible to check them all. Therefore, they are scalded alive. When this happens, the chickens scream, kick, and their eyeballs pop out of their heads. They often come out of the other end with broken bones and disfigured and missing body parts because they've struggled so much in the tank."

The chicken industry mercilessly calls these birds "redskins." The current 2014 ruling under the Food Safety and Inspection Service allows line speeds of up to 140 birds per minute - that's 2.3 birds every second! Now the National Chicken Council has asked the Food Safety and Inspection Service to waive this rule so that slaughter lines can go even faster!

It's bad enough that all birds are excluded from the "Humane Methods of Slaughter Act." We cannot allow the National Chicken Council to make even more animals suffer this horrific death. Whether you still eat chickens or not, please help us stop the increased suffering!

What you can do:



1. As an individual, you can do something right now to stop cruelty toward chickens and all farmed animals by no longer funding industries which profit from using and killing them. Click here to learn how you can switch to a delicious, compassionate, and healthy plant-based diet.

2. Call Mary Porretta at (202) 690 2282 between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm EST, Monday - Friday to leave a message for Carmen Rottenberg, the Regulations and Petitions Manager for the Office of Policy and Program Development for Food Safety and Inspection Service of the USDA.

You can say something like, "Hi, I'd like to leave a message for Carmen Rottenberg regarding my opposition to the National Chicken Council's September 1, 2017, petition to waive maximum slaughter line speeds for chickens. A move by the USDA to waive maximum line speeds, which are already far too high at 2.3 birds per second, would completely disregard the safety of 250,000 working Americans, immense animal suffering, and food safety."

3. Send our automated letter to the Food Safety and Inspection Service demanding that it rejects the National Chicken Council's greedy and negligent proposal.

Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • Carmen Rottenberg, Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety Food Safety and Inspection Service. United States Department of Agriculture
  • Paul Kiecker, Acting Administrator for Food Safety and Inspection Service. United States Department of Agriculture
  • Mary Porretta, Regulations and Petitions Manager. Office of Policy and Program Development for Food Safety and Inspection Service. United States Department of Agriculture


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