Punish Cruel Dog Fighters Caught Red-Handed

The Madison County Sheriff's Office received an urgent 911 call on the afternoon of November 4 and dispatched officers right away. When deputies arrived at the Canton, Mississippi address, they heard barking and growling coming from the woods. There, they discovered four men encouraging two dogs to tear each other apart. For the sake of the torn-up fighters, neglected puppies, malnourished mothers, and dogs used as bait, let's make sure these violent monsters feel the sting of justice!

After apprehending three of the men, one fled to the house where he was captured. Officers discovered a treadmill, medical supplies for patching up wounded dogs, food supplements, and antibiotics; all evidence pointing to a dog fighting ring.

32 dogs, including three mothers and 15 puppies, were seized and placed in protective care. The two dogs who'd just been fought and another dog with lacerations and scarring were taken for emergency veterinary attention. All of the dogs had been forced to suffer, many without water, and all in varying degrees of malnutrition.

The four suspects were arraigned on November 6 in Madison County Justice Court by Judge Marcia Stacey, and will be bound over to the grand jury. All men were charged with felony dog fighting and assessed a written bond of $100,000. Property owner H.B. Preyer was additionally charged with aggravated animal cruelty and assessed a written bond of $50,000, and charged with failure to appear for driving without a license, a $500 cash bond.

His neighbor Maurice Greenwood was given an additional $1,000 bond for resisting arrest.

District Attorney Michael Guest has previously been lenient on crimes against animals. He allowed a serial cat poisoner responsible for killing multiple cats to answer for only one crime against a cat belonging to a law enforcement officer.

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