A War on Ethics: A New Culture of Cruelty Threatens Animals

US Rep. Steven King of Iowa believes that animal protection laws should not exist. In the past, he has attempted to legalize dog fighting, cockfighting, the consumption of cat and dog meat, and has even encouraged American hunters to shoot threatened polar bears. This cruel man now wants to wipe out hard fought laws on the state level that protect animals from the most awful of abuses, like geese having metal pipes shoved down their throats to enlarge their livers up to nine times their normal size.

Many refer to Rep. King as one of the worst 'pro-animal cruelty' representatives in Congress. He is a passionate supporter of factory farming. In 2014, it took the activism of thousands of animal advocates to overturn his 'Farm Bill' amendment which would have wiped out all state and local farmed animal protection laws.

The bill was successfully fought off then, but now it has come back to rear its ugly head in the form of HR 4879/HR 3599 and HR 2887. This time around, it's strengthened with the backing of Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin.

Possible outcomes of these two bills include reversing California's foie gras ban (a ban which was only finally reinstated this September after a lengthy legal challenge!), reversing laws on selling battery cage eggs in Massachusetts, and reversing laws on selling dog meat in New York, Virginia, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan and New Jersey.

It's shameful that federal representatives are trying to wipe out state animal protection laws. We have fought this off before, and we must fight it off again!

What you can do:



1. CALL: Besides organizing face-to-face meetings, calling is arguably the most impactful action we can do. It's easy to ignore or not notice emails and texts, but phone calls are about as direct as we can be. Please reach out to your U.S. representative and two senators and have a polite conversation about opposing these two bills.

Click on the link below to find the telephone numbers of your three federal legislators and choose the Federal tab


You can simply say:

"As your constituent, I urge you to oppose the 'Protect Interstate Commerce Act' (HR 4879/HR 3599) and the 'No Regulation Without Representation Act' (HR 2887). These bills have the power to strip crucial state animal welfare laws, and go against the will of the people who passionately fought for them."

2. SHARE: Share this alert on Facebook and Twitter, and ask for retweets. Let's make more people aware of this shameful pro-cruelty legislation we are faced with.

Sample text to use: "Rep. Steven King is trying to eradicate state animal protection laws. We can't let this happen!"

3. SIGN: After your calls and sharing on social media, please submit our alert by filling out the form on this page.


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