Protect the Last Wild Bison From Slaughter

America's last truly wild bison live in the Yellowstone National Park area. Every year, they are harassed and killed. The Yellowstone bison's Central Herd has lost almost half of its population over the past year due to persecution. Any further population decline could kill off this national icon for good. Act now to protect America's last wild bison before it's too late!

Ranchers persecute bison out of fear that they will transfer brucellosis to domestic cows. Brucellosis is a terrible disease that was introduced to the area by ranchers farming domestic animals. The disease is transmitted by contaminated equipment, clothing, shoes, hay, feed or water, and animals usually contract the disease through contact with infected birthing tissues and fluids, milk, blood, urine and semen of infected animals. Vaccinations against Brucellosis are available, and multiple studies show that bison are not primarily responsible for transferring the disease to domestic animals in the region today.

When the wild bison of Yellowstone National Park leave the park boundaries, they can be killed by hunters, and are often "hazed," or chased, off of their annual migration routes. The state of Montana is responsible for killing off almost half the population over the past year alone.

Yellowstone National Park biologists have raised an urgent flag for bison and recommended that all hunting in the Hebgen Basin, the region west of Yellowstone where the Central Herd migrates, should immediately cease.

Join us in calling on Montana's governor and the director of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to implement the park biologists' recommendations to close the Hebgen Basin to bison hunting before it's too late!

What you can do:



1) Call Governor Steve Bullock and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Director Martha Williams. Ask them to take immediate action to protect Yellowstone's Central Bison Herd from possible extinction.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock: 406-444-3111 / 855-318-1330 (toll-free)

Director of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Martha Williams: 406-444-3186

2) Get involved with Buffalo Field Campaign.

3) Sign our letter to Governor Steve Bullock and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Director Martha Williams.


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