Violent Video Leads to Arrest of Texarkana Dog Abuser

Texarkana, Texas resident LeGus Holloway has been arrested for violently whipping, strangling, and slamming a dog named Lady to the street, breaking her rear leg. Lady suffered terribly for this sickening crime and we must act now to get her justice!

Clementine McKinley spotted the video circulating on Facebook and contacted the Texarkana Police Department, and the local news station, sparking a manhunt for the man the Texarkana Police Department identified as Holloway. Texarkana Police Department Spokesman Shawn Vaughn reported that the department was inundated with calls from 35 states and Puerto Rico demanding Holloway's arrest.

The video shows Holloway first striking the dog, Lady, inside his vehicle with her leash. He then dragged her from the vehicle holding her off the ground by her collar and repeatedly struck her with the leash saying, "Shut up, ho!" Holloway then slung Lady over his shoulder, choking her, and stopped to slam her to the ground before dragging her yelping in agony and fear behind a residence on the 1700 block of South Kenwood Road, Texarkana. An unidentified man videoed the entire incident while laughing and commenting with a woman from across the street.

Lady was brought to a veterinarian by her guardian, and taken home, but subsequently Municipal Court Judge Sherry Jackson ordered the seizure of Lady, and she was taken to a regional veterinary office​. Lady is now with Austin Pets Alive​, where she is recovering​ and will be placed with a guardian worthy of her​. Thankfully, the Judge declined granting continued custody of Lady to the dog's guardian, Shaekayla Starks, saying, "I know that you are not the one that I know of that laid a hand on this animal. But you selected the environment to move this animal into."

Holloway was apprehended almost a week later after a brave good Samaritan spotted him walking along the street and recognized him from the media coverage. The story is amazing and almost unreal in how great it is!

According to the Texarcana Texas Police Department's Facebook page, "We arrested LeGus Holloway after a woman drove him to the Bi-State Criminal Justice Center under false pretenses. The woman walked into the Bi-State Criminal Justice building earlier this afternoon and told officers that LeGus Holloway, 69, of Texarkana Texas was waiting in her car in front of the building. She said that she had seen him walking in the Leary community, which is located west of Texarkana, and offered him a ride. She then convinced him that she needed to go by the jail to put money on an inmate's account before she could take him to his destination. However, she went inside and called for our officers instead. We found Holloway sitting in her vehicle waiting on her to come back out. He was arrested without incident and escorted up to the Bi-State Jail."

Holloway was charged with a felony under Texas Penal Code, Section 42.092 - Cruelty to Nonlivestock Animals. The person who videoed the incident was unfortunately not arrested for complicity.

If convicted of a Texas State Jail Felony, Holloway may be sentenced from 180 days up to two years in a state jail facility and fined up to $10,000. In Texas, repeat animal abusers can be convicted of a third degree felony and sentenced from 2-10 years in the Texas Department of Corrections and a fine up to $10,000.

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