Wild Burros Under Threat From Trump's Budget Plan

As the new year begins, let us take a moment to remember a species whose members are noble, long-eared animals, so often maligned, who have already had so much taken from them for humans' collective benefit over the centuries and still to this day in many countries.

Today donkeys and their wild burro cousins are threatened worldwide by the horrific Chinese trade in ejiao, or donkey hide gel. In the US, an upcoming decision by Congress places wild burros under even greater pressures. The Trump Administration's proposed budget authorizes unlimited sales and destruction of unwanted wild horses and burros held captive by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Those the government wants to remove from their designated homelands could even be gunned down on the range.

The House of Representatives Appropriations Committee approved this mass killing plan. Faced with the outcry from caring individuals like you who made calls and signed our alerts, the Senate rejected it, choosing to keep existing protections in place. Which version will prevail — slaughter or protection - when the House and Senate committees meet later in January to finalize the Omnibus Budget? As told in this video, the answer lies with us, the American public.

What you can do:



1) Call your 2 senators and 1 representative. Be courteous and respectful. Ask them to oppose any spending language that would allow the killing, "euthanasia" or unlimited sales of any healthy wild horses or burros.

You can find out who your legislators are and their contact info here: www.idausa.org/findmyrep

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