Nosey's Bill to Help Elephants Needs Your Support Now!

Nosey's Bill will be voted on by the New Jersey Assembly as soon as January 4, 2018. The bill would ensure that, "no person shall use an elephant or other wild or exotic animal in a traveling animal act" in the state.

Senator Raymond Lesniak first introduced Nosey's Bill in 2016. His bill originally intended to end elephant performances but shortly after a parallel bill was introduced into the New Jersey Assembly by Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, the bill was expanded to include the use of all wild and exotic animals in traveling performances. The latest information is that the Assembly will vote on this crucial bill on January 4, and later the Senate will vote to pass the expanded version covering all exotic and wild animals. Those poor elephants and other captive wild animals dragged around to perform for people need all New Jersey residents to call their state senator and state assemblymembers now!

After decades of suffering neglect and violence from her possessor, the Liebel Family Circus, Nosey today is arguably the most iconic elephant in the U.S. because she has come to represent the plight of elephants in circuses everywhere. Nosey has been temporarily retired to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee while cruelty charges against her "owners" make their way through the courts. While we hope her retirement is permanent, the New Jersey legislature is poised to stop all elephant and other exotic/wild animals from ever being forced to travel and perform unnatural acts in New Jersey. Act now to help pass this important bill!

What you can do:



Exotic and wild animals, including elephants, need all New Jersey residents to contact their legislators in both the Senate and Assembly now. You do not need to be a registered voter, just a resident of New Jersey.

1) Call your legislators.

Go to the link below and enter your zip code, then click on New Jersey tab to find out who your state legislators are and to get their phone numbers.

Once you've found both your one state senator and your two state assemblymembers, call the numbers listed for them. When a staff person in that office answers, politely say something like the following:

"As your constituent, I urge you to vote in support of Nosey's Bill (say "S2508" for your senator - and "A4386" for your two Assembly representatives) that would ban the use of elephants and other wild and exotic animals in cruel and unnecessary traveling performances. Globally, over 40 countries have legislated against the use of wild animals in traveling performances. In the U.S. and Canada, more than 100 jurisdictions now have partial or full bans on wild animals used in performances."

2) Follow up your call with an email to all three by filling in the required fields and submitting our letter.


Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • One state senator and your two state assemblymembers


(Valid New Jersey street addresses only - P.O. Boxes cannot be used*)

* our advocacy software requires actual street addresses in order to determine voting districts. Although we acknowledge that a P.O. Box is a valid mailing address, for advocacy purposes it cannot be used. We may also have additional required fields in order to meet legislative contact requirements. Thank you for your understanding.



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