Veterinarian Arrested for Shooting Dog Next Door

Veterinarian Kelly Folse was arrested on December 19, 2017, on an aggravated animal cruelty charge for the shooting of her neighbor's dog, Bruizer in Gretna, Louisiana. "This is crazy, a veterinarian shooting a dog of her next-door neighbor. This is nuts. I don't know how else to put it," Interim Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto commented on the incident. We couldn't agree more, and hope you won't stay silent about this crime!

On December 13, 2017, Stacey Fitzner left her dog Bruizer, a friendly 15-month-old American Bulldog, in the yard while she went to work. A relative passing by the home discovered Bruizer lying in his yard with a bullet wound to the back of his head. It was apparent that someone had pushed her gate open to gain access to Bruizer.

Bruizer was rushed to Abadie Veterinary Hospital in Harahan, but tragically did not survive. This actually was the clinic where his alleged murderer, Kelly Folse worked, but luckily she wasn't present when Bruizer arrived. To some solace, this veterinarian, Kelly Folse, was subsequently fired.

Folse was additionally booked on charges for the illegal discharge of a firearm and two counts of drug possession. Undisclosed narcotics were found in Folse's home when investigators searched for the weapon used to shoot Bruizer. Folse was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna.

While this behavior was in no way justified, we ask that this tragedy serve as a warning to guardians of animals who are receiving complaints for behavioral issues. Sheriff Lopinto divulged that Stacey Fitzner introduced a series of hostile text messages and videos from Folse, who was complaining about Bruizer's constant barking and alleged aggression. The Sheriff's report read, "Our investigators were not able to find any evidence that the dog had shown prior aggressive behavior, even after several interviews in the neighborhood."

As advocates for animals, we remind guardians that complaints regarding the behavior of animals they take responsibility for should be resolved amicably and expeditiously. Bruizer's senseless slaying might have been prevented if all steps had been taken to see that his barking was positively addressed.

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Please join us in letting District Attorney Paul D. Connick, Jr. know you want this woman prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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The Hon. Paul D. Connick, Jr.
District Attorney, 24th Judicial District Court
(504) 368-1020

Say that it is of paramount importance that Folse's prosecution for the slaying of Bruizer not play second to her charges for the possession of narcotics. While narcotics may have played a role in Folse's behavior, the chronicle of her text messages substantiate her intent to stop Bruizer from barking, and it appears that she did just that, using horrific means to get her way.

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