Save Rabbits like Big Sur from Slaughter in Marin County!

Big Sur was raised as a "stud" breeder rabbit at a meat facility in California. When he was discovered by his rescuer, he was covered in waste and urine that had been falling and dripping from cages stacked above his own, and both of his ears had been chewed off half way. He was covered in bite wounds, and was completely blind in his right eye from an untreated infection. When his rescuer saved him and rushed him to the vet, it was discovered that he also had major kidney damage due to a lack of an adequate supply of water and poor nutrition. This is how rabbits are treated by the meat industry. Big Sur had suffered these horrific conditions for 7 long years before his rescue, and yet, he is one of the lucky ones who has been set free. There are many more like him out there right now.

Earlier this year, Marin County's Board of Supervisors voted to lift its 14-year ban on animal slaughter, allowing small-scale facilities to slaughter chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits. Rabbits were originally excluded from this new ruling, but a last-minute vote decided to add them back in.

Four out of five Marin residents consider rabbits as companion animals. Additionally, the recent California AB 485 "pet store" ruling which protects dogs, cats and rabbits from being raised in cruel breeding farms and sold in pet stores, reinforces the public consensus that rabbits are not food.

It's a terrible injustice to have one law in California which protects rabbits from cruel pet-breeding farms, and another which allows them to be farmed in horrific conditions like Big Sur - covered in urine, suffering from infected wounds and completely mutilated.

AB 485 and the inconsistency it highlights in Marin's ruling is the perfect opportunity to revisit the slaughter debate and potentially save thousands of rabbits in the immediate future. Once the debate is reopened, together we can work to draw parallels between rabbits and all farmed animals.

What you can do:



1) Make a call. Besides organizing face-to-face meetings, calling is arguably the most impactful action we can do. It's easy to ignore or not notice emails and texts, but phone calls are about as direct as we can be. Please call Marin's district office on 415-473-7331 (between 9 am 5 pm PT) and ask to be connected to your local representative.

Once connected, you can simply say:

"I'm calling in regards to the March 2017 ordinance which lifted Marin's 14-year ban on animal slaughter, and permits small-scale facilities to slaughter rabbits. Four out of five Marin residents consider rabbits as companion animals. Additionally, the recent California AB 485 ruling protects rabbits from being bred in cruel concentrated farms and sold in pet stores. It's inconsistent to have one law which protects rabbits from pet-breeding farms in California, and another which allows them to bred and slaughtered on agricultural farms. Please do all in your power exempt rabbits from the March 2017 ordinance. Thank you."

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