Ready, Set, Ban! End the Dog & Cat Meat Trade in South Korea

Dog and cat meat is a hot button issue, particularly in countries where dogs and cats are considered friends, not food, and most people wouldn't dream of eating them. South Korea is one of several countries changing its relationship with dogs and cats. In the run up to the Winter Olympics next month, the nation has taken a positive step and imposed restrictions on certain dog and cat meat markets. Now is a vital time to urge a permanent outright ban on dog and cat meat once and for all!

It is no surprise that all animals suffer when they are made into food. In Defense of Animals and brave animal activists in dog-eating countries have exposed the shocking realities of what happens to millions of dogs and cats who are killed for meat.

South Koreans are rapidly recognizing the wrongs of dog and cat meat and coming to see dogs and cats as companions rather than commodities to be farmed. According to government data, 10 million people in South Korea have lived with an animal companion - that's over 20 percent of the population. Devastatingly, some of these family companions are kidnapped by dog meat traders and end up on the dinner table.

An In Defense of Animals poll undertaken with the South Korean organization, Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth, revealed public opposition to dog meat is now stronger than ever in South Korea. Most Koreans are "against" the cruel trade, with 60 percent of the Korean public having never eaten dog meat. Nearly half of all South Koreans think dog meat should be banned.

In Defense of Animals is proud to work with many caring South Koreans to rescue dogs from the dog meat trade. Together, we have saved many lives and found loving families for them in the U.S.

We want to see every dog and cat in South Korea protected from being made into meat. We applaud the South Korean government's moves to restrict dog and cat meat, and encourage it to take the next logical step by banning dog and cat meat forever. The Olympics in February will bring crowds of monumental size to Pyeongchang and the world will be watching. This is our opportunity to speak up for all the dogs and cats caught up in this trade, and to speak up as a global community for compassionate change moving forward.

We must take action now to stand up for dogs and cats. Join us now to encourage the Olympic organizing committee to do everything in its power to pass an outright ban on dog and cat meat.

What you can do:



1) Please encourage South Korean officials to pass a ban via social media.

PLEASE NOTE: Express your opinion without any threats, racist comments, or insults of any kind, which act to undermine the dogs' and cats' cause. Positive comments of encouragement will do the most good for animals and are much more likely to be read.

PyeongChang 2018

Gangwon Korea

2) If you're in Korea or are able to make an international call, please use these phone numbers.

PyeongChang Organizing Committee

Headquarters: +82-33-350-2018
Gangneung Office: +82-33-350-5157
Seoul Office: +82-2-2076-2018

3) Personalize and submit our letter below. If you are a citizen of South Korea, please update the wording to highlight your status.

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  • PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games




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