Stop Mississippi Dolphin Prison Construction!

Mississippi officials are blindly diving into plans that will see dolphins imprisoned and abused at a new aquarium in the city of Gulfport. Planners will lock dolphins away forever. Without our help, these dolphins will die in cruel tanks after enduring a lifetime of suffering. The dolphins need your help right now!

In Defense of Animals has campaigned for over a year to stop the city of Gulfport in Mississippi from building the brand-new dolphin prison. At a recent day of lobbying attended by local dolphin advocates, city council members and Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes revealed crushing news that many officials support the inclusion of dolphins in the Mississippi Aquarium.

Gulfport is ignoring dolphin welfare and the best interests of the city. Once-profitable animal abusing businesses now face plummeting share prices as compassionate people shun cruel attractions that abuse animals for entertainment.

We need your support right now to ensure the U.S. moves forward instead of backward for dolphins. Don't allow Gulfport to throw a lifeline to this dying, antiquated animal abuse industry!

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please make a call and send our letter.

1) Call the Gulfport City Council:

(228) 868-5848

Ask to leave a general message for all council members and the Mayor. Say that the dolphin industry nationwide is in decline and that people just don't want to pay for cruel entertainment like this anymore. Including dolphins in the Mississippi Aquarium will put the whole project at financial risk.

2) Leave respectful, educational comments on the Mississippi Aquarium Facebook Page.

3) Submit our alert which will email all Gulfport City Council Members and the Mayor.


Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • Gulfport City Council Members and the Mayor




Dolphin Prison Money Hole Does Not Belong in Gulfport!

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