Factory Farms, Your Health, & Dirty Bill That Wants to Ignore Them Both!

Not only are factory farms horrifically cruel to animals, but they also create massive pools of waste that leach chemicals into the soil, water and air that are harmful to our health. In a despicable act of dirty politics, Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska is attempting to pass a national law that will rid factory farms of their responsibility to report toxic emissions rather than trying to fix this problem. We can't let this happen!

Senator Fischer's bill, titled the "Fair Agricultural Reporting Method Act," is anything but "fair." Providing exemptions to factory farms under this bill is disgustingly irresponsible, dangerous and unjust.

Don't let Congress hide the harmful chemicals that factory farms emit. Take action!

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1. Vote with your dollars: Voting with your dollars is one of the most powerful ways to oppose the animal cruelty of factory farms and slaughterhouses. It's never been easier to eat cruelty-free versions of all the meals you enjoy. Learn how to begin, in our free and easy Veg Guide.

2. Make a call: Calling is one of the most effective actions you can do. Lawmakers may be able to filter or ignore emailed letters, but they can't avoid phone calls as easily. Please make a quick and polite phone call your U.S. senators. Click on the link below to find the telephone numbers for your two U.S. senators by clicking on the link below and clicking on the Federal tab.


You can say: "As your constituent, I urge you to oppose the Fair Agricultural Reporting Method Act, S. 2421, which is anything but fair. Awarding factory farms a free pass from reporting the chemical wastes they emit is not the solution. We need to address the problems that factory farms create, especially when they contaminate our most precious resources and endanger public health. Please oppose S. 2421 and do all that you can to stop its passage."

3. Share this alert on social media: The more people who see this alert, take action and spread it — the greater the opposition to this bill and the better our chances of defeating it.

Example text: "This bill wants to give factory farms a free pass from reporting their toxic chemical emissions. We can't let this happen. Please join me in speaking up!"

4. Send our letter: After making your two calls and sharing this alert on social media, please personalize and send our letter that we have prepared for you by filling out the fields on this page.


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