Canada: End Your Domestic Ivory Trade Now

Canada has an ivory trade? This might seem surprising, but it's true. In fact, at the last International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress, governments across the globe were called on to close their legal domestic ivory markets as a matter of urgency. Surprisingly, Canada was one of four countries that voted in opposition to this global effort. We must urge Canada to take a stand for elephants and join the unprecedented global fight to ban ivory!

In Defense of Animals has signed onto a letter urging the Canadian government to end its domestic ivory trade along with 95 other signatories that include organizations, politicians, scientists and animal rights activists from around the world. Elephanatics, a Canadian based elephant advocacy organization initiated this action, along with a public petition to the Canadian government which has garnered more than 135,000 signatures urging Canada to ban its role in the trade.

The hesitation from Canada to take a stand for elephants may be in part because the hunting of narwhal (a species of toothed whale), and walrus by the native Inuit people for subsistence purposes is legal in Canada. This is why Elephanatics and the other organizations involved are asking the government to specifically address and ban elephant ivory, which is easily distinguishable from narwhal and walrus ivory.

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



While we are disgusted that the Trump Administration recently lifted the ban on the importation of elephant trophies and other endangered species, we must not stop urging our global neighbors to help protect elephants while we continue to fight for them here in the US.

1) If you can easily call Canada, please make a polite phone call to Canada's Environment and Climate Change Minister, the Honorable Catherine McKenna at 819-938-3818.

You can say:

I urge you to join in the global fight to save elephants from extinction by banning the ivory trade in Canada! More elephants will continue to be slaughtered for their ivory unless every country bans its domestic ivory trade.

2) Urge the Canadian government to end its domestic trade in ivory by sending our letter to Canada's Environment and Climate Change Minister, the Honorable Catherine McKenna, and Canada's Deputy Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, Stephan Lucas.


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  • Honorable Catherine McKenna
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End Canada's Ivory Trade and Help Protect Elephants!

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