Mt Barker Chicken, Where's the Transparency?

When we went undercover and exposed shocking conditions inside a Mt Barker "free-range" chicken farm, the Managing Director promised to install live-streaming video cameras. Twelve months have passed, yet this company has failed to make good on its promise. We can't allow these animals to keep suffering in the shadows!

Footage taken at the free-range chicken farm during the 2017 investigation revealed chickens cannibalizing rotting bodies, as well as diseased, dead and dying animals.

Following Mt Barker Chicken's live-streaming pledge, we directly queried the company for a date that it would follow through. During an email exchange, a company representative responded that it would aim for March 2018 in addition to setting up a visitor center with live video screens which, "will give them [the public] a real-time insight."

It's now late May and Mt Barker Chicken has yet to release a single update on either of these plans. Is it waiting for the public to forget about this? Perhaps its company management believes that enough time has passed to go back on its word and not follow through.

Mt Barker Chicken must take meaningful action for the animals who have suffered, and its customers who have been misled. Join us in demanding accountability for suffering hens!


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1) As an individual, you can do something right now to stop cruelty toward all farmed animals by no longer funding industries which profit from using and killing them. Click here to learn how you can switch to a compassionate and delicious plant-based diet.

2) Leave a comment or review on Mt Barker Chicken's Facebook Page.

Example comment: Does your company value consumer transparency? If so, where are the live streaming cameras Graham Laitt promised to install after In Defense of Animals' investigation last year? Also, where is the "visitor center" that you planned to open in March?

3) Send our letter to Graham Laitt of Mt Barker Chicken demanding answers and follow-through!


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Mt Barker Chicken, Where's the Transparency?

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