Save the Google Cats!

GCat Rescue has successfully trapped and found homes for 149 cats and kittens and sterilized an additional 68 cats near Google's Mountain View campus since 2010. Now these Google cats and kittens are being villainized and need your urgent help — don't let detractors cut off their vital lifeline!

This great program has saved countless unwanted kittens from being born after their would-be parents were heartlessly dumped by their humans. Of the 238 cats helped by the program, only about one-quarter of the cats were too feral to be adopted and had to be returned to their outdoor homes near Google's campus after their sterilization surgeries. That's an incredible success which can be attributed to the hard work of the volunteers in GCat.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees the success of this wonderful program. Some vocal detractors are blaming Google and the cats for the decline of a small population of burrowing owls who call Shoreline Park, a 750-acre wildlife and recreation area which borders Google's campus, home. Of course, this not accurate or fair.

Declines in burrowing owl populations are not the fault of cats. Worldwide, bird, mammal, reptile, and fish population declines have the same things in common - habitat destruction, pesticides, and pollution; all human-related causes. It's just easier and more convenient for humans to scapegoat non-human animals, in this case cats, for problems we ourselves are ultimately to blame for, rather than to take responsibility and fix the real issues.

Don't let these naysayers stop this successful cat rescue program or allow them to put these cats in danger of being killed.


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