Tell Mattel that Barbie Does Not Support Elephant Abuse!

Toymaker giant Mattel has a disturbing new toy. Barbie Dreamtopia Chelsea Doll and Elephant is marketed at kids 3-years-old and up and shows Barbie astride a bejeweled elephant who has golden shackles around her four legs. Tell Mattel that elephants are tortured into submission for rides and its toy sends a terrible message to young kids!

Barbie, and the children who use their imaginations while playing with her, would be horrified to know that the only way elephants will accept humans on their backs is by being chained, tortured, beaten and starved for days and weeks in a pen where they cannot move or escape until they are "broken." This horrific ritual is called a "crush" and is literally meant to crush elephants' spirits until they learn to obey the human commands from their handlers that force them to accept rides.

In Defense of AnimalsMattel has in the past demonstrated that it is willing to respond to public opinion and act with ethical and social responsibility. In 2015, it discontinued SeaWorld Trainer Barbie, and Barbie is a long-time fur-free advocate. Tell Mattel that Barbie doesn't want to support elephant abuse, nor do the parents who purchase her or the children who play with her!


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Tell Mattel that Barbie Dreamtopia Chelsea Doll and Elephant must immediately be discontinued, and that a more elephant friendly message should be sent to kids instead.

1) Call Mattel's Customer Service Line at 1-800-524-8697.

After you choose English or Spanish, press 1 to wait for a service agent, then politely say,

Mattel's Barbie Dreamtopia Chelsea Doll and Elephant teaches children that riding elephants is fun, but the reality behind elephant rides is that elephants are trained for riding through incredibly violent methods. Barbie does not promote animal abuse, nor do the parents who buy her or the children who play with her. I would like to see this product discontinued immediately, and a more elephant friendly message created to be sent to children.

2) Follow up your call by sending our letter.


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  • Ynon Kreiz - Chairman and CEO of Mattel




Barbie's Dreamtopia Chelsea Doll Endorses Elephant Cruelty!

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