Trigger-Happy Cop Shoots Non-Aggressive Dog for Fun

Imagine viewing the chest camera video of a cop mercilessly shooting your precious dog after taunting him off of your porch as an excuse to open fire, after announcing his plans to do just that? That's exactly what happened to Chase Favre after he got the news that Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi police officer David Wilder shot his dog.

On June 23, the Bay Saint Louis Police Department received a call regarding two dogs who were at large. Officers were dispatched to contain the dogs, since they had escaped through a hole they dug under their fence.

Chase Favre, guardian of Kodak, an 18-month-old German shepherd and Daniel Rutledge, guardian of Zeus, a year-old German shepherd were both visiting family near their residence in Bay Saint Louis. When they left, both dogs had been contained in their fenced backyard.

Neighbors watched the horrific outcome of the interaction and readily gave the guardians the shocking details of how the crime occurred.

When the officers arrived, Zeus was openly friendly. Officer David Wilder pet him and placed him in the patrol car. When Kodak retreated to his porch, Officer Wilder began taunting him. Kodak came off his porch barking twice but did not charge or snarl. Wilder had already said, "The big one is going to get it." Wilder again began taunting Kodak, saying, "One more time and I'm going to pop his ass." Kodak came off the porch, and Officer Wilder fatally shot him saying, "See, I told you I don't play."

Kodak's body was later returned to Chase Favre, while Zeus was kept in custody and later returned to Daniel Rutledge.

In Chief Gary Ponthieu’s statement regarding the killing, he said that the Department had three 911 calls that the dogs were at large and menacing. He further stated the officer used pepper spray to deter the dogs from attacking. These statements were refuted by neighbors. The veterinarian who examined the body confirmed that Kodak had not been sprayed with any chemical. The dog's professional trainer employed an affidavit testifying that both dogs were well trained and that Kodak was specifically not trained for protection because he didn't have the aggression for it.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Demand accountability and humane training. Mayor Mike Favre and the Bay Saint Louis City Council should terminate Officer David Wilder from the force immediately and investigate to discern if Chief Ponthieu was misinformed when he released the Department's inaccurate account of the killing or if he knowingly participated in a cover-up. Ensure all cops receive training on how to deal with dogs without lethal force.


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Trigger-Happy Cop Shoots Non-Aggressive Dog for Fun

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