Stop SeaWorld's Animal Cruelty Partnership with AAA

The American Automobile Association has launched a shocking partnership with SeaWorld. The AAA is offering reduced-price tickets and encouraging its 55 million members to see the dolphins and whales forced to live and die in captivity for entertainment and corporate greed. Act now to urge the AAA to stop supporting the abuse of cetaceans at SeaWorld!

The reality of life at SeaWorld for the unfortunate marine mammals who call it home includes the separation of mothers and calves, forced insemination and subsequent pregnancies, and a boring diet of dead fish. Animals who naturally swim up to 100 miles a day are forced to live in tiny, barren concrete tanks. The lack of natural stimulation and socialization leads these highly intelligent animals to suffer extreme boredom, frustration, and aggression.

SeaWorld's parks in San Diego, Orlando, and San Antonio landed in the number one spot on our Ten Worst Tanks list for abusive and exploitative treatment of cetaceans.

This is not the first time that AAA has shown support for businesses that profit from animal abuse. A year ago, we asked you to call and email AAA to stop promoting Marineland, a marine park in Canada that houses a solitary orca whale and multiple beluga whales. It is outrageous that AAA is continuing to support businesses that profit from cruelty.

Please take action now by calling and emailing the American Automobile Association, to demand that it stops promoting all animal abuse and cruelty, once and for all!


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1) Call Member Relations at 407-444-8402.

Please lend your voice to the animals and politely tell the representative that promoting SeaWorld means promoting cruelty to dolphins and whales and that these beings deserve more than to be used for profit and entertainment. These animals deserve their freedom. Urge AAA to stop supporting SeaWorld immediately.

2) Send our letter.


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Stop Promoting SeaWorld Immediately!

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