Justice for Cat Beaten, Stabbed, & Thrown in Trash

On the evening of February 21, 2018 in Irvine, California, Tucker, a beautiful, friendly six-year-old orange tabby cat was brutally beaten, stabbed, and thrown in the trash, allegedly by his guardian's angry, drunk boyfriend. Act now to get justice for Tucker!

Tucker's guardian, who we'll call Amanda (not her real name), got home from a work function around 11 pm the evening of February 21. Her now ex-boyfriend, Hector (Alex) Hernandez, was in town visiting her from the Bay Area. When she arrived home, Alex was very drunk. She didn't see Tucker in the apartment, which was unusual, but not uncommon.

When Amanda awoke the next morning, Tucker wasn't in his usual spot at the foot of her bed. Now very concerned, she started searching the apartment trying to locate him. When she didn't find him inside, she expanded her search to outside. Calling him, she heard a faint cry coming from one of the trash cans. She opened the trash can to find Tucker covered in blood and barely alive. Amanda and Alex rushed Tucker to a local vet for treatment and thankfully they were able to save his life.

On the way to the hospital, Alex confessed to her that he had gotten angry while drunk and beaten and stabbed Tucker. Amanda filed a police report and the police investigated the crime thoroughly, even finding Tucker's blood in the house, but the Orange County District Attorney has now declined to pursue charges.

Please ask the District Attorney to re-open the case, reexamine the evidence, and charge Alex with felony animal cruelty for what he did to poor Tucker. Anyone capable of the brutality that was inflicted on Tucker is likely commit another heinous act against another defenseless animal — or a person.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please make a quick and polite call and then sign our letter to the Orange County Deputy District Attorney, Jennifer Malone, asking her to handle this case with the seriousness it deserves.

1) Please make a brief and polite phone call to Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Malone.

(949) 476-4650

You can simply say:

"I'd like to see the case against Hector (Alex) Hernandez reopened for the brutal beating and stabbing of Tucker, a beloved cat companion. Anyone capable of the brutality that was inflicted on Tucker is likely commit another heinous act against another defenseless animal - or a person. Studies have repeatedly shown, and the FBI and other law enforcement agencies agree, that a person who commits cruelty to animals very often moves on to commit acts of violence against people, especially when the cruelty to animals goes unpunished. Please charge Alex Hernandez with felony animal cruelty."

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Justice for Tucker! Charge Alex Hernandez with Felony Animal Cruelty

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