Stop Horse Slaughter Trucks in their Tracks!

Corrupt officials have slyly gutted U.S. law to sell thousands of wild horses and burros for slaughter. Truckloads of American mustangs are being shipped to slaughterhouses as you read this. Act now to stop these rogue agents and save the wild horses!

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act is an act of Congress that passed unanimously in both chambers of Congress in 1971. Among other safeguards, the law requires American wild horses and burros be protected as "living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West."

Since then, these protections have been gradually stripped away by special interests. Private ranchers who exploit public lands for financial gain want to eliminate the horses and burros who live there since they compete for food with their cash-cows.

Just when we think it cannot get any worse, the agency responsible for protecting horses has made a devastating move to harm them. The Bureau of Land Management issued IM 2018-066, an internal memorandum that was kept secret from the public for almost six weeks.

The callous memo subverts constitutional law and allows appalling numbers of wild horses and burros to be sold to slaughter. It states, "Effective immediately, all facilities and state, district, and field offices must comply with the policies and guidance set forth in this IM. To increase the number of sale-eligible animals..."

Up until now, the number of wild horses and burros any one person could buy was limited to four in a six month period. The new rule now allows 24 animals per person, per day! Rounded-up horses are sold at just $25 each, and middle-men are lining up their trucks to purchase as many horses as they can for slaughter buyers.

This rogue government agency is betraying wild horses and the U.S. public while making a mockery of our democracy. Act now to stop these conniving government officials from killing America's mustangs!


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1. Personal contact with Congress is the most effective thing you can do for the wild horses and burros. Please make three simple phone calls.

Find your two U.S. senators and your one U.S. representative's numbers here:

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The Bureau of Land Management has recently circumvented Congressional protections for wild horses and burros by issuing an Internal Memorandum that has made it easy for kill-buyers. This has opened the door for another "Tom Davis" situation where the BLM sold almost 1,800 wild horses to this kill-buyer. You MUST put a stop to this!

2. Please send our email (with your personal touch) to your congresspersons.


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