Keep Torturous Wild Horse Sterilization Out of U.S. Budget!

The Bureau of Land Management is moving forward with its depraved plan to sterilize wild horses and burros in a procedure condemned as "butchery" by a prominent veterinarian. Our U.S. House of Representatives is both enabling and encouraging this despicable cruelty in its Fiscal Year 2019 Appropriations Bill. The bill is being finalized in conference committee so we must act now!

Last year, we successfully stopped similar plans to slaughter wild horses and burros introduced by Representative Chris Stewart of Utah. Rep. Stewart is trying a new tactic this year. He has convinced his unwitting colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee that the barbaric sterilization procedure, which literally rips the ovaries out of wild mares using a metal rod and chain (called an ecraseur), is comparable to spaying a domestic dog or cat, which it certainly is not!

Ovariectomy via colpotomy is a highly dangerous procedure which is nothing like a spay procedure for animal companions. This video shows how horses and burros are immobilized before suffering intense pain and distress as their insides are brutally hacked to pieces. Complications regularly occur, and many horses and burros die as a result.

In Defense of Animals

A conference committee will soon decide whether to include these barbaric plans for wild horses and burros in the spending bill for Fiscal Year 2019. We must act now to ensure the repugnant Stewart Amendment is not included.

Mid-term elections are coming up this November, so now is the time when your voice for animals is amplified; it is vital that you speak up now for horses! Let your legislators know you oppose wild horse and burro sterilization and tell them that scientists, animal advocates, and equine experts support alternatives that are both more economically viable and humane. Act now in defense of wild horses and burros!


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1. Personal contact with Congress is the most effective thing you can do for the wild horses and burros. Please make three simple phone calls.

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The Bureau of Land Management has been insidiously trying to conduct wild horse and burro sterilization for years, wasting our taxpayer dollars in doing so. Two prestigious universities pulled out of their participation in this folly. Please make sure your colleagues on the conference committee for the Appropriations Bill know that we do not support the Chris Stewart amendment language, and it must be kept out of the final bill!

2. Please send our email (with your personal touch) to your congresspersons.


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Keep Brutal Wild Horse Sterilization Out of the U.S. Budget!

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