Stop Ridglan Farms from Breeding Puppies for Barbaric Experiments

Ridglan Farms has been in the puppy breeding business since the 1960's, with almost 4,000 dogs imprisoned at its facility in 2017. This is no small operation. Ridglan is one of the United States' three largest breeders of dogs for experimentation, supplying Big Pharma with innocent pups to poison with toxic chemicals or infect with parasites and viruses.

Dogs live in conditions similar to animals in puppy mills, in stacked cages with wire mesh floors and no access to the outdoors. Each dog receives less than thirty seconds of human contact per day. Many have been observed spinning in circles and showing signs of severe distress.

When Rebekah Klemm heard about the horror behind closed doors at the breeding facility, she was determined to stop it. Rebekah started a group on Facebook called Dane4Dogs, and she and her volunteers succeeded in getting enough signatures to get a binding referendum on the local November ballot to ban the transportation and use of dogs and cats for experimentation in Mt. Horeb.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



The Ridglan pups need your help now to urge Dane County executives to enact a local policy to ban using dogs and cats in painful or distressing experimentation. Please make a couple of calls and sign our letter to stop unnecessary suffering and to support fellow animal activists now!

1) Please take a moment to call Dane County executives today.

County Executive Dane County, Joe Parisi, (608) 266-4114

Dane County Board of Supervisors, Chair Sharon Corrigan, (608) 333-2285

You can simply say, "I urge you to enact a policy to outlaw the transportation and use of dogs and cats in painful or distressing experimentation in Dane County."

2) Send our letter urging local executive officers to make a policy to outlaw the transportation and use of dogs and cats in painful or distressing experimentation in Dane County.


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  • Joe Parisi - County Executive Dane County
  • Sharon Corrigan - Chair, Dane County Board of Supervisors


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Ban the Transportation and Use of Cats & Dogs in Painful Experiments in Dane County

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