Demand Maximum Sentencing for Dogs Starved Almost to Death

It is difficult to imagine being intentionally starved to death by the very people you depend on to love and care for you. However, a recent tip to authorities saved the lives of two dogs who were deprived of food, almost to the brink of death, in Jackson County, Alabama. We must act quickly to see justice served for the animals who barely escaped their cruel and negligent captors.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office Animal Enforcement Deputy Tony Wilbanks responded to the report at a home in Bryant, Alabama on County Road 831 where he acted on one of the worst cases of neglect he has seen during his service. He said of the Doberman named Jenny, that she "was so underfed and malnourished" that she was no more than, "skin over a skeleton walking around."

Helena Michelle Moses and Joseph Lee Fisher, "owners" of the two dogs, were ordered to take them to a veterinarian immediately and to report back to Officer Wilbanks by end-of-day on October 23, 2018, which they failed to do.

Warrants for the pair's arrest for Aggravated Animal Cruelty, a Class A misdemeanor, were served the next day and the dogs were seized. A conviction for a first offense for this crime carries a fine up to $3,000, or up to one year of imprisonment in the county jail, or both.

When the dogs were taken for veterinary care, the attending veterinarian reported Jenny's ideal weight as 70 pounds, yet she weighed in at a frightening and life-threatening 37 pounds.

Both Jenny and the smaller dog named Suzie have gained weight, and are in foster homes with Jackson County deputies. We give kudos to the ACO and deputies who stepped in to help these dogs in need.

Alabama 39th District Circuit Court Judge Don Wood released Helena Michelle Moses and Joseph Lee Fisher on an extremely low bond of just $300 because the full details of the case were not yet available. The court date for the couple is November 30, 2018.


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The mission of our Justice for Animals Campaign is to strengthen laws and to work towards the maximum sentencing of animal abusers in the Deep South. We need your urgent help to encourage Judge Don Wood to sentence this couple with the maximum punishment for maliciously starving and neglecting Jenny and Suzie.

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