Prosecute Breeder Who Kept Cats in Horrific Conditions

Since late October, the Central New York SPCA has been overwhelmed with animals after taking in over 100 cats from a cruelty case involving a horrid breeder of rag doll cats and kittens. Many are sick and weak, suffering horribly from untreated severe upper respiratory infections gotten by living in filth. We can't let this breeder keep getting away with torment for profit!

Neighbors of the breeder, Roberta Graziadei, complained for years about the smell coming from her home, but nothing was ever done to help the suffering animals trapped inside. Finally, on October 31, the SPCA's animal cruelty officers seized the animals, rescuing them from a living hell.

The breeder has been charged with a misdemeanor under Section 353 of the New York criminal code. This is, unfortunately, the maximum penalty allowed under New York state law.


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Please join us in demanding two actions: restitution for the Central New York SPCA, which had to absorb the costs of this breeder's recklessness and that Roberta Graziadei never be allowed to breed or even live with a cat again.

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Prosecute Breeder Who Kept Cats and Kittens in Horrific Conditions

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