Last Chance to Protect Wolves & Grizzlies from Trophy Hunters!

Trophy hunters are one vote away from declaring open season on gray wolves and Yellowstone grizzly bears by removing Endangered Species Act protections. We need you to act now to save these keystone species from violent deaths and potential eradication by heartless trophy hunters.

The Manage Our Wolves Act (H.R. 6784) is a devastating bill which threatens the survival of gray wolves in the contiguous 48 states by removing them from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife published under the Endangered Species Act of 1973.

This assault on our country's iconic species became even more dangerous with Rep. Liz Cheney's amendment which would also remove grizzlies of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife, despite the federal court's recent decision to re-list them. This disastrous amendment would eliminate judicial review of the bill in the future, no matter the cause or status of the Yellowstone grizzly bear population.

This dangerous bill threatens the survival of important keystone species and further motivates trophy hunters to kill without consequence.

It is just one vote away from becoming law.

The House of Representatives has already passed this grim bill. If passed by the Senate, gray wolves and Yellowstone grizzlies will be sentenced to violent deaths at the hands of trophy hunters, putting the survival of the species in jeopardy and causing a devastating impact on the country's ecosystems as a whole.

Please urge your senators to protect gray wolves and Yellowstone grizzlies by rejecting H.R. 6784 in its entirety before the end of the legislative session on December 14. Please act now!


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1. Make a quick phone call.

Please contact your senators to urge rejection of H.R. 6784. Find your two U.S. senators' numbers here:

When you call, please give your name and state and simply say:

"I strongly oppose H.R. 6784 and want gray wolves and Yellowstone grizzly bears kept on the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife. The country's ecosystems depend on the survival of these keystone species, and they should not be mass murdered by trophy hunters for their entertainment. Please reject H.R. 6784 in its entirety. Thank you."

2. Please fill out the form on this page to urge your senators to reject H.R. 6784.


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