Urge California to Ban Cruel and Toxic Poisons Now!

Wild animals in California are poised for a huge breakthrough, but they need your help to achieve it. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) will review laws that permit pesticide companies to use tortuous and dangerous poisons that kill rats and mice as well as any other animals who then have the misfortune to eat their bodies. We must ban these deadly rodenticide poisons for good!

The DPR publicly acknowledged that current regulations restricting dangerous second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) have failed. These poisons cause the horrible bleeding-out-of-every-orifice deaths of prey animals such as mice, rats, and ground squirrels. They carry the poisoned food back to their homes, then stagger out into the open in their death throes, where they are noticed by predators. Predatory wild animals including owls, hawks, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and mountain lions are in turn sickened and killed. Animal companions such as dogs and cats also can get sick or die.

When the DPR banned SGARs for use by consumers in 2014, it left a giant loophole for "pest" control companies to continue using them widely. Wild-animal-intolerant people who won't be bothered to use deterrents or humane removal methods to discourage unwelcome visitors hire companies to do the dirty deed instead, which is why the original ban did little to protect any animals from being horribly poisoned to death.

Thanks to the hard work of activists from Raptors Are the Solution and Poison Free Malibu, the DPR has just proposed to reevaluate current use of these deadly poisons, which may lead to new regulations if we take action now. Speak up before December 17 to protect wild animals from painful rodenticide poisons and to support the hard work of fellow activists!

This chart shows how rodent poisons work to kill their victims and how poisons travel through the food chain.

This video demonstrates how pesticide companies are to blame for high predator mortality.

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