Urgent: Tell Congress to Keep Protections for Horses and Burros!

We have heard from sources in Washington D.C. that certain unnamed U.S. legislators are sneakily trying to remove equine protections from the Appropriations Committee 2019 spending bill. The finalization and vote will be within just days. We must act now because this underhanded attempt to sneak such language against America's wild horses and burros into the bill is occurring at the last minute.

In Defense of AnimalsIn the past several years, the House Appropriations Committee has proposed nefarious amendments to the budget bill, usually submitted by Representative Chris Stewart of Utah. These ranged from mass killing, to inhumane sterilization, to unlimited sale to slaughter of America's wild horses and burros.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has not allowed these horrific riders to go forward in the past, but now this strategic move of subterfuge at the last-minute hopes to circumvent any close scrutiny due to time restraints.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please alert your two U.S. senators and your one U.S. representative to this dangerous and underhanded ploy. Congress must put a stop to this!

1. Personal contact with Congress is the most effective thing you can do. Please make three simple phone calls.

Find your two U.S. senators and your one U.S. representative's numbers here by clicking on the Federal tab:


State your name, your town or city, and telephone number. Be courteous. You may wish to say:

Please make it known to all members of the Appropriations Conference Committee that you, representing your constituents, will not support any provisions in the Agriculture and Interior spending bills that authorize harm, in any manifestation, to America's wild horses and burros, nor do you support the removal of protections for them. Please be alert for any efforts by the House Committee members to add language detrimental to wild horses and burros.

2. Please send our email (with your personal touch) to your three congresspersons.


Personalize and submit the letter below to deliver your comments to:
  • Your two U.S. senators and your one U.S. representative


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Maintain Mustang Protections in Spending Bill

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