Keep Ban of Rhino and Tiger Parts in China!

The Chinese government faced international outrage when it announced its intentions to legalize the trade of tiger and rhino parts for medicinal use. These wild creatures already face grave threats to their survival due to illegal trafficking, and so authorizing the trade of rhino horns, tiger bones, and other parts of their bodies would push these animals even closer to extinction. Please keep the pressure on China to keep the ban on rhino and tiger parts in place!

In addition to promoting the use of endangered animal parts for "medical use," the trade of rhino and tiger parts is driving horrific new practices. Authorities in the Czech Republic discovered a "tiger farm" selling tiger parts and products to Vietnamese traders for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Although the Czech Republic has laws that aim to regulate the purchase and breeding of captive tigers, these efforts were not enough to stop the horrid animal cruelty behind this gruesome trade. With legal approval of tiger and rhino parts for use in medicine in China, we would likely see a proliferation of disturbing and violent methods used to meet demand.

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Due to the outcry over China's decision, the government has temporarily upheld their ban on rhino and tiger products. Join us in urging Ambassador Cui Tiankai of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States to ask China to enforce the current ban on rhino and tiger parts and to not dismantle the ban!

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