Third Offense Dogfighter Must Serve Jail Time

A convicted Louisiana dogfighter has been arrested yet again, marking his third dogfighting offense. Astoundingly, the justice system failed to prevent this criminal from committing more acts of violence against animals. Please urge the East Baton Rouge District Attorney to sentence this habitual animal abuser to jail time!

Before his most recent arrest, Kevin Valentine had two prior arrests for dogfighting in Louisiana. The first incident took place in 2004 and resulted in ten dogs being seized and killed. In 2006, Louisiana State Police seized evidence typical of dogfighting at his residence, and 25 dogs were tragically seized and killed.

On December 22, 2018, Valentine was once again arrested for dogfighting on Bowman Ave in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was in possession of nineteen dogs, a treadmill, wound treatment supplies, and evidence supporting dogfighting. Valentine posted his $12,000 bond for dogfighting, violation of probation, and animal cruelty.

Hilton Cole, East Baton Rouge Animal Control Director, told WBRZ that the eight female dogs, eight male dogs, and three innocent puppies seized were considered contraband and, in an affront to decency and the justice system in general, were "humanely euthanized."

Louisiana dogfighting law (RS 14:102.5) dictates the training and possession of dogs for fighting carries penalties between one thousand dollars and twenty-five thousand dollars, or imprisonment with or without hard labor for 1- 10 years, or both. If Valentine is convicted or pleads guilty of abusing animals for profit once again, he must receive the maximum sentencing the law allows. Our Justice for Animals Campaign will follow this case and keep you informed as the case moves forward.

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To put an end to Kevin Valentine's slew of atrocious crimes against animals once and for all, please urge East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar C. Moore III to deliver the maximum sentence Valentine's most recent dogfighting offense deserves. It is possible Valentine will have to serve time for violation of probation, but he must also serve the maximum Louisiana sentence for dogfighting.


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Third Offense Dogfighter Must Serve Jail Time

To [Decision Maker],

I am writing to express my deepest concern regarding Kevin Valentine's recent arrest for a third offense of dogfighting and to support your department's prosecution of this heartless and disturbed individual.

In 2004 and 2006 Valentine pled guilty to dogfighting, and thirty-five innocent dogs were deemed contraband and killed due to his crimes. It is not surprising that Valentine was arrested yet again on Dec. 22, 2018, for violation of probation, dogfighting, and animal cruelty. This time, nineteen dogs, including three puppies, were tragically also destroyed. That's 54 dogs this man has killed through his actions on three different occasions, not even counting all the undocumented dogs who have died in his fights!

We must judge Valentine's character by his repeated actions and choices. Valentine is a menace to society, who shows no compassion for animals nor any respect for the justice system by blatantly ignoring orders to refrain from keeping and fighting dogs.

Louisiana Law (RS 14:102.5) carries a maximum ten-year sentence and a maximum $25,000 fine for dogfighting. It is abundantly clear Kevin Valentine has earned the maximum sentencing if convicted for the third time.

I will be following this case for as long as its prosecution takes and fully hope and expect your office to recommend the maximum sentencing of this depraved and sociopathic individual who disregards society's values and, based on history, is more than likely to be involved in acts of violence and wrongdoings in the future if not appropriately sentenced.

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