Demand False Lashes No One Has to Die For!

Velour Lashes, a company which used to exclusively sell mink fur eyelashes has released a brand-new range of vegan alternatives. This is significant step toward the future for animals wish to see — a future where farming, harming and slaughtering animals has become obsolete. Let's encourage Velour Lashes to continue down this path and commit to a full transition of fur-free products!

In a previous alert, we challenged Velour Lashes for misleading its consumers with false marketing claims including "free range mink farms" and "cruelty-free fur." Thanks to your collective actions, the company has now removed the majority of these claims and decided to research, develop and launch two new vegan product lines — a positive outcome for animals!

Please join us in encouraging Velour Lashes to commit further and ditch fur for good!

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1) Choose compassion for all animals who are farmed for their fur, flesh and byproducts by transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Try it for one month this January. You can begin at any time! Register here.

2) Write a comment on Velour Lashes Facebook page.

Example: @velourlashes I love your new Luxe Faux Mink range! When will your company become 100% fur-free?

3) Send our letter encouraging the founders of Velour Lashes to commit further by ditching fur for good!


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Cruelty-Free Lashes = A Bright Future Without Fur

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