Stop Bird Abusers at Ridgeland Pioneer Days

A cruel celebration of violent animal abuse and death is being planned in Wisconsin. Time is running out to prevent organizers of the "Ridgeland Pioneer Days Free Chicken Fly" throwing 200 terrified chickens from rooftops to their savage deaths into a boisterous crowd waiting below. End 35 years of cruelty and urge Dunn County officials to stop this barbaric event!

While animal advocacies and Animal Law Associates of Wisconsin assert the chicken toss violates animal cruelty law, a past Dunn County District Attorney claimed the birds did not "suffer unnecessary and excessive pain or suffering or unjustifiable injury or death." Advocates were also encouraged to attend the event and to document maltreatment if they intended to pursue a stop to the event. It suffices to say that no animal advocacy group agrees with this opinion. It's suggested that this event was once a means of ridding a farm of its rooster overpopulation.

The "Free Chicken Fly" event is always held in mid-February and will likely be held on February 16, 2019. It is probable that the date has not been announced in order to stop the efforts of animal advocates who are trying to prevent the senseless cruelty inflicted on birds for "entertainment" at the event.

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Contact Dunn County officials by phone and email.

1. Call Dunn County officials and politely urge them to join together to end the senseless and cruel Chicken Toss and to replace it with harmless activities.

Dunn County Sheriff Kevin Bygd (715) 232-1564

Dunn County DA Andrea Nodolf (715) 232-1687

Dunn County 1st Dist. Supervisor Brian Johnson (715) 658-1888

2. Send our letter to Dunn County's Sheriff Kevin Bygd, District Attorney Andrea Nodolf, and County Board Supervisor Brian Johnson.


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End Cruel Chicken Toss at Ridgeland Pioneer Days!

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