Dogs & Cat Left to Die of Thirst: Demand Justice

Sarah Wilson of Bradenton, Florida was recently arrested for moving out of her apartment and callously leaving her cat and two small dogs behind to suffer and die slow and agonizing deaths from dehydration. We must act now to ensure she pays with felony convictions and that she is never entrusted with animal companions again!

On January 16, 2018, a maintenance worker entered Wilson's apartment to complete some repairs. The maintenance worker noted the apartment was covered in feces and urine, observed the animals had no water, and noted that it appeared that the apartment had been vacated. The maintenance worker filled the water bowls for the animals and notified management. Apartment management emailed Wilson and she responded back that the animals were being cared for.

Over a month later, on February 26, apartment complex staff once again entered Wilson's apartment to inquire about non-payment of rent. What they found shocked and horrified them - all three animals were dead.

Confronted over email about the grisly scene, Wilson responded that the animals likely died from flea medication she had applied. However, a necropsy determined all three animals died of dehydration. Wilson was arrested and charged in the deaths.

Her dismissive behavior and callous attitude about the horrific deaths of her animals is shocking, especially given that the incredible amounts suffering these animals endured was easily preventable. If she could no longer care for the animals, she certainly could have surrendered them to the safety of a local animal rescue.

Help us ensure Sarah Wilson pays for her crimes with felony convictions and that she is never allowed to have animal companions again.

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please call and email Melissa Gould, Assistant State Attorney, thanking her for charging Sarah Wilson with felony animal cruelty, and urging her not to let Wilson plea down to lesser charges, and also to ensure that she is never allowed to have animal companions again.

1) Make a quick and polite call.

When you call, you can simply say:

"Thank you for taking the case against Sarah Wilson seriously and charging her with felony animal cruelty. For the sake of justice for the animals she left to die, please ensure she is not allowed to plea bargain her way out of the felony charges and that she is never entrusted with animal companions ever again."

Melissa Gould, Assistant State Attorney

(941) 747-3077 ext. 6756

2) Submit our letter to Melissa Gould, Assistant State Attorney


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Felony Convictions for Sarah Wilson for Leaving Her Animals to Die

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