Demand Justice for Kitten Brutally Strangled by Enraged Ex

Darwin Robinson Jr. of Jacksonville, North Carolina was arrested earlier this month for brutally strangling and breaking the neck of his ex-girlfriend's kitten and then leaving the kitten's lifeless body in her driveway as a warning. He faces felony animal cruelty charges and a misdemeanor for communicating threats, among several other charges. Help us ensure he's not allowed to plead down from the felony animal cruelty charge and that he's barred for life from having animal companions.

Robinson admitted to his ex-girlfriend over the phone and with police present that he killed her kitten. He then threatened that he'd do the same thing to her brother — having killed the kitten to send her a message. Robinson is no choir boy, he's facing additional charges of trespassing, breaking and entering, and misdemeanor assault on a female in other cases pending in North Carolina. He's clearly a danger to the public.

Please help us ensure Darwin Robinson pays for his crime with a felony conviction and that he is barred for life from having animal companions.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please call and email Ernie Lee, District Attorney, thanking him for charging Darwin Robinson with felony animal cruelty, and urging him not to allow Robinson to plead down to lesser charges, and also to ensure that he is never allowed to have animal companions again.

1) Make a quick and polite call.

Ernie Lee, District Attorney

When you call, you can simply say:

"Thank you for taking the case against Darwin Robinson seriously and charging him with felony animal cruelty. For the sake of justice for the helpless kitten he brutally killed, please ensure he is not allowed to plea bargain his way out of the felony animal cruelty charge and that he is never entrusted with animal companions."

2) Submit our letter to Melissa Gould, Assistant State Attorney.


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Felony Animal Cruelty Conviction for Darwin Robinson in Brutal Killing of Kitten

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