California Residents: Eliminate Animal Dissection in Schools!

As schools around the world shift towards S.T.E.M. focused curriculums, the need for safe, humane, and cost-effective teaching resources has never been greater.

In biology classrooms, animal dissection is expensive, wasteful, and harmful to students and the environment. Animals used for dissection are stolen from their natural habitats and killed, which has substantial negative impacts on their ecosystems. These animals are preserved in harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, a chemical that was classified as a known human carcinogen by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2011. Once the dissected bodies are used for a single class period, they are discarded.

Please encourage support for animal-friendly dissection alternatives in schools!

In Defense of AnimalsVirtual reality dissections, interactive 3-D models, and mobile applications, provide realistic representations of animal anatomy to support students' understanding, and are available for relatively little or no cost. These reusable dissection alternatives enable students to actively engage in their learning process to meet course objectives, which does not in any way require the dismemberment of once living animals.

Along with building a strong foundation of knowledge for students, we must teach young, impressionable minds to approach all living beings with respect, compassion, and curiosity.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please call and email your one California state representative to urge support for the RAISE Act to use safe, humane, and cost-effective dissection alternatives in science classrooms throughout California.

1. Call your one California state representative shown below.


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You may use this simple script:

"Please support AB 1586 to utilize safe, humane, and cost-effective dissection alternatives in science classrooms throughout California."


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