Punish Craigslist Kitten Killer!

It's happened again. A man has been arrested for picking up "free to good home" animals off Craigslist and torturing and killing them. It's impossible to say how many victims there might be, but the investigation is ongoing. Act now to ensure this horrible man pays for his violent crimes against helpless animals.

Earlier this month, Kaine Louzader of St Peters, Missouri, was arrested after a neighbor spotted him dumping the body of a cat out of a bag filled with water. Police tracked Louzader down and, after several attempts at lying, he confessed to killing the cat. Police then found an additional dead cat and three dead kittens in Louzader's residence.

Louzader would pick up the cats and kittens off Craigslist. The details of what he did next are sickening and difficult to process, and should be read with caution.

He would drown, strangle, or stomp the animals to death and then dismember and discard their bodies.

Louzader is currently being charged with two felony counts of animal abuse. Help us thank the prosecuting attorney for taking this case seriously and make your voice heard to ensure Louzader receives additional felony charges for each of his victims.

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please call and sign our letter to St. Charles County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney John Bauer, to thank him for charging Kaine Louzader with two felonies so far. Ask him to change Louzader with an additional felony for every cat or kitten he savagely tortured and killed and ask that he recommend Louzader be banned from any future contact with animals.

1) Make a quick and polite call. When you call, you can simply say,

"Thank you for charging Kaine Louzader with felony animal abuse. Please further charge him with a felony for every cat and kitten he tortured and killed and recommend Louzader be banned from any future contact with animals."

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney John Bauer

2) Submit out letter to Assistant Prosecuting Attorney John Bauer.


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