New Action Needed to Save Animals from Deadly Poisons!

Thanks to your support, California's bill to ban toxic rodenticide poisons won the Assembly floor vote! Now, the survival of wild animals will be brought before the Senate. Please sign our letter to support AB 1788 before the upcoming Appropriations Committee hearing!

Mice and rats who ingest toxic rodenticides become mortally ill and die slow deaths by bleeding out from all their orifices. As they stagger around in their throes of dying, they often fall prey to owls, hawks, coyotes, and bobcats. These natural predators then become sick and die as well from a build-up of these deadly rodenticide poisons. Take action today to stop pest control operators from poisoning our state's wild animals to death!

In a National Park Service study of bobcats living in the Santa Monica Mountains, all of the bobcats who died from mange also tested positive for exposure to rodenticides. Our allies at Wildlife Emergency Services have rescued one hundred sick bobcats like the one in the below video in the past few years, and eighteen tested positive for exposure to rodenticides. These toxins also harm threatened species like northern spotted owls, San Joaquin kit foxes, and Pacific fishers, and any other animals who consume poisoned rodents.

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We are at the precipice of a major victory for wild animals! Join us to ban rodenticide poisons in California for good! Please contact your California senator by phone and email to urge support of AB 1788.

1) Call your one California senator shown below.

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Say, "I support AB 1788. Please pass this crucial legislation to protect California's wild animals from deadly rodenticide poisons."

2) Submit our letter asking your senator to support AB 1788.


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