Urge McDonald's To Save Millions of Animals!

According to McDonald's, the number of animals it condemns to slaughter each day fluctuates based on customer demand. To save the lives of countless animals, we must work together to get plant-based choices on its menu!

If McDonald's' 27 million daily customers in the U.S. had a decent plant-based option like the McVegan burger offered in other countries, millions of animals could be saved from being bred into dismal lives of intensive farming which end in terrifying slaughter. Furthermore, it would make plant-based foods more accessible, mainstream, and culturally normalized — a significant achievement for animals that's worth fighting for!

Following the fast food chain's successful launch of the McVegan burger in Sweden and Finland, plant-based Happy Meals in the UK, and bleeding vegan burgers in Germany, the company has proven itself to be highly capable of bringing new vegan menu options to its global customers. So, what about America?

With one simple action, McDonald's has the power to change our meat-centric food culture to save the lives of millions of animals. Please join us in urging McDonald's to launch the McVegan burger in the United States!

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1. Write a comment on McDonald's Facebook page or send a tweet!

Example: @McDonalds, I want to buy your #McVegan burger! When are you launching it in the States?

2. Submit a letter to McDonald's CEO, Public Relations & Brand Engagement Manager, Senior Director of U.S. Public Affairs, and Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer by filling out the fields on this page.


Submit the letter below to deliver your comments to:
  • Steve Easterbrook — President and CEO
  • Claire DiMattina — Senior Director of U.S. Public Affairs
  • Francesca Debiase — Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer


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