California Residents: New Action Needed to Ban Fur Sales!

Coyote locked in cage

A trailblazing bill to ban fur sales in California is coming closer to becoming law! This first-of-its-kind legislation could save a countless number of furbearing animals from excruciating deaths for "fashion!" AB 44 has already passed the Assembly and will now be heard in the Senate.

If Assemblywoman Laura Friedman's bill is passed, California would become the first state in the country to prohibit the sale and manufacture of animal fur products, including, but not limited to clothing, handbags, shoes, slippers, hats, or key chains that contain fur. Please urge California Senators to support AB 44 to ban fur statewide!

Coyotes, chinchillas, foxes, mink, rabbits, and other fur-bearing animals are subjected to unregulated killing methods which cause unimaginable terror and agony. Animals are gassed, electrocuted, or have their necks broken, while anal or genital electrocution is a common method for killing animals used for fur. Furs from dogs, cats, raccoons, rodents and other animals are often undisclosed or intentionally mislabeled by manufacturers, and fur products are often preserved with carcinogenic chemicals.

San Francisco, Berkeley, West Hollywood, and Los Angeles have all banned fur sales, which reflects a demand for animal-friendly apparel. As one of the country's most populated and influential states, AB 44 would save millions of defenseless animals from horrific deaths, and would set a precedent for the rest of the country, and perhaps the world, to phase out the use of stolen animal skins simply for fashion.

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



On May 28, A.B. 44 passed through the California Assembly, but we still have a long way to go before this bill becomes law! The bill is now moving on to the Senate, and your help is needed to help get it passed! Please urge your one state senator to vote "Yes" on A.B. 44 by phone call and then send our letter.

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"Please vote YES on A.B. 44 to make fur history in California!"

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