Tell Calf-Torturing Farm to Livestream Surveillance Footage

Newborn calves are kicked, beaten, and burned on a farm that supplies to the dairy brand, “Fairlife.” Animal Recovery Mission filmed the shocking scenes at one of Fairlife’s major suppliers, Fair Oaks Farms, in Indiana. Under extreme scrutiny, Fair Oaks Farms has claimed it will increase surveillance and make it visible to in-person visitors to increase transparency, but this isn’t credible since most people don’t have the capacity to travel to its farm. Please join us in demanding Fair Oaks’ surveillance be live-streamed to the internet to protect animals from the worst abuses!

Animal Recovery Mission’s footage could turn even the strongest stomachs. It shows calves being punched, hit with blunt objects and stepped on. In one scene, a worker is seen dragging a struggling calf by her ear while driving a truck. Calves were also branded by having hot irons pressed into their flesh as they shrieked with pain.

Additionally, investigators documented widespread neglect. Calves’ living areas weren’t kept clean and they were left to languish in extreme heat with insufficient shelter. Cows also suffered from psychological trauma. Mothers were separated from their calves soon after birth which caused them to scream for their lost children until they became hoarse.

The Fairlife brand, which receives milk from Fair Oaks Farms and is distributed by Coca-Cola, has a history of deceiving its customers. Until recently, Fairlife used the slogan “From Grass to Glass” while keeping cows confined on concrete floors in artificially lit sheds. We filed a complaint of misleading advertising with the Federal Trade Commission last year asking the Agency to investigate. Shortly after the complaint was filed, Fairlife suddenly removed this deceitful slogan from all of its marketing materials and milk bottle labels.

Fair Oaks’ pig farms have also obtained a pseudo-certification from the American Humane Association in 2016. The certification is known to be a sham and it received a low rating from Consumer Reports for having standards that “mirror the conventional industry’s practices.”

Perhaps worst of all, Animal Recovery Mission’s investigation revealed Fair Oaks’ blatant lies about not selling dairy calves to veal farms. Fairlife has been duping customers while forcing baby cows to suffer nutrient deprivation and extreme confinement — standard practices of veal farming to prevent their muscles from developing to maintain the tenderness of their flesh.

Given Fairlife’s pattern of complete dishonesty, we cannot take Fairlife Farms’ commitments seriously. If the company is actually sincere about reforming its horrific animal mistreatment, it should make all the live footage from its surveillance cameras available online. Its current plan to allow customers to review footage on-site at the farm is ridiculously insufficient since few, if any, customers have the capacity or time to travel to the farm to check if the horrors are still happening at the exact time of their visit.

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1. Phone Fair Oaks Farms at (877) 536-1194. Calling is one of the most effective actions you can take for animals. Companies may be able to filter or ignore emailed letters, but they can't avoid phone calls as easily.

Here’s an example of what you can say:

“Hi my name is _______, I’m calling in regard to Fair Oaks Farms’ recent commitment to install video surveillance and make it publicly available to in-person visitors. I’d like to request that this surveillance be made available online, since the vast majority of your consumers don’t have the capacity to travel to your farm and make informed observations. Livestreaming the footage online would be in sync with Fair Oaks’ claimed dedication to consumer transparency and will show the world that your commitment is genuine as opposed to just being a public relations scheme. Thank you for your time.”

2. Try our 21-day dairy-free challenge for support to ditch dairy for good. The only fair life is one free from the brutally unfair dairy industry.

3. Send a letter to Fair Oaks Farms, urging it to make all the live footage from its soon-to-be-installed surveillance cameras available online by filling out the form on this page.


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