Remove Raccoon Drowning Lawyer from Florida Bar

A sickening viral video surfaced recently which shows how Florida attorney Thomas Cope mercilessly shoved a young raccoon overboard into the ocean, leaving the terrified animal to drown, while screaming, "So long sucker!" Don't let Cope get away with drowning an innocent animal at sea. Tell the Florida Bar to hold Cope accountable for his heartless cruelty.

The video shows a startled raccoon discovered aboard the craft in open water, cowering in fear and desperately trying to escape. The helpless raccoon looks directly at the camera as if to ask why, before being pushed overboard into the Gulf of Mexico where it's a desperate struggle to stay afloat without any hope of surviving the 20-mile swim to shore.

A public outcry followed the release of this chilling viral video, prompting the Florida Bar to open an investigation of Thomas Cope's professional conduct.

As officers of the court, lawyers must follow rules of professional conduct, which include refraining from criminal acts that reflect adversely on their honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness

This inhumane, thoughtless act speaks volumes about Cope's morals. Any lawyer who could shove a raccoon overboard to drown without an ounce of mercy or compassion has proven that any trust given is grossly misplaced.

as a lawyer.

raccoon drowned by lawyer

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials are investigating the incident as a case of animal cruelty. Let's thank the Florida Bar for launching another investigation into Thomas Cope's professional conduct and urge the Bar to hold Cope accountable for his ruthless actions. Don't let this raccoon's suffering and death go unpunished!

If you find a raccoon or other wild animal inside your home, please contact your local wildlife rehabilitator for expert advice on how to perform a humane relocation.

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1. Call the Florida Bar to urge that Thomas Cope be held accountable for his ruthless actions.

Joshua E. Doyle, Executive Director, Florida Bar, (850) 561-5757

John M. Stewart, President, Florida Bar, (772) 231-4440

Say something like, "Thank you for investigating Thomas Cope. Please hold him accountable for heartlessly throwing a terrified raccoon overboard."

2. Respectfully reach out to the Florida Bar and its newly appointed President John M. Stewart on social media with our request to hold Florida lawyer Thomas Cope accountable for treating a raccoon without mercy who Cope found aboard his vessel.

3. Sign our letter to urge the Florida Bar to hold Thomas Cope accountable for his cruel, heartless actions.


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