Stop Australia's Killing of Cats with Poison Sausages & Robots!

Australia is moving full speed ahead with its misguided, cruel, and unscientific plan to kill millions of the nation's free-roaming cats in the name of "conservation." Poison-laced sausages are being indiscriminately dropped by aircraft, while robotic poison death machines are set out to spray cats with deadly poison which they later lick off while grooming, which slowly kills them. Please urge the Australian government to stop this madness and ask that it work on humane sterilization programs and legislation for all cat companions!

Australia has set a target of killing two million cats by 2020 through poisoning, shooting with guns and bow and arrows, and trapping; efforts that are already underway. A recent New York Times article details a number of horrific incidents involving hunters killing feral cats. In one instance, an Australian TV crew captured a bowhunter shooting a female cat through the head with an arrow. She keeps running. He shoots her a second time in the body, but she still manages to get away. She is left to suffer and die an agonizing death.

In another gruesome display of cruelty, the author of the Times article himself witnesses a hunter murder a cat. The hunter cuts her open to find kittens inside, alive and very close to full term. The hunter pulls the wiggling kittens out of the dead mother cat and utters, "five little killers." He then cuts off each of the kittens' heads with his knife.

The science used to justify this horrific killing is suspect at best. The Australian government lacks even the most basic information such as how many "feral" cats there are in the country; which is a pretty important figure to have if you are going to try to understand and control their numbers. Estimates vary wildly from 2-6 million to as high as 18 million cats, and a growing number of conservationists are crying foul. The methods used to carry out the killing of "feral" cats are shockingly cruel, and in some cases, they are potentially dangerous to endangered species themselves!

Tragically, "feral" cats are taking the blame for the loss of Australia's most vulnerable species. In reality, the finger of blame should be pointed directly at humans for our destructive activities, including pesticide use, habitat loss, uncontrolled burning, logging, mining, climate change, and animal agriculture — i.e., the usual suspects in every recent species decline, all made worse by a growing human population.

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please join us in asking Australia's Minister for the Environment and Threatened Species Commissioner to stop killing feral cats and to work on humane trap-neuter-return programs and mandatory spay and neuter legislation for all cat companions.

1. Write a comment on Sussan Ley, The Minister for the Environment's Facebook page, or start a conversation on Twitter!

Example: When will you stop the cruel killings of Australian cats via robots and airdrops of poisonous sausages in the outback? These actions are based on dodgy statistics. Human causes of species extinction are far more severe, yet they are being ignored.

2. Submit our letter to the Minister for the Environment, The Honorable Sussan Ley and Threatened Species Commissioner, Dr. Sally Box.


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