Gunning Down Wild Pigs is No Joke: Stop the War!

One man's "need" to gun down 30-50 "feral" pigs in his yard with an automatic weapon has set the internet alight with jokes. But the all-out war against wild pigs is very real. Hunters are capturing pigs in brutal traps and gunning down entire families from helicopters. Urge the National Wildlife Research Center to use pig contraception and to stop this senseless war on wild animals!

Up to 30 mothers and their babies are baited and trapped at once as part of one horrendously cruel and barbaric "feral pig extermination method." Mothers watch as their babies are killed point-blank without mercy until everyone is dead.

In Texas, wild pigs are killed year-round without limits, captured alive by hunters and then slaughtered, or shot by their thousands from helicopters.

wild pigs

This chilling video shows a shooter firing at hogs Apocalypse-Now-style with a semiautomatic shotgun while blaring the Buffalo Springfield song, For What it's Worth, which tells the tragic story of a student massacre.

USDA studies shows GonaCon™ contraceptive is effective at reducing wild pig populations without killing. Frustratingly, the Agency has delayed registering this life-saving drug for commercial use in wild pigs for 10 years. Now is the time to stop the slaughter and provide a safer, more humane alternative!

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1. Please call John Eisemann and Jeanette O'Hare at the National Wildlife Research Center to urge them to register GonaCon™ with the Environmental Protection Agency for use in wild pigs.

John Eisemann, Technology Transfer Program Manager, 970-266-6158

Jeanette O'Hare, Registration Manager, 970-266-6156

You can say something like, "Please register GonaCon™ with the Environmental Protection Agency for use in wild pigs to offer a more humane alternative to expensive and inhumane mass slaughter."

2. Sign our letter John Eisemann and to Jeanette O'Hare, urging action on their part to register GonaCon™ with the Environmental Protection Agency as a humane alternative to save millions of wild pigs from brutal trapping, killing, and aerial gunning.


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