End the Capture, Torture & Forced Performances of Wild Young Fillies

In the remote city of Burns in Oregon, hundreds of wild horses live in hellish cramped corrals after being removed from the public lands they once called home. Rob Sharpe, the Supervisor of the Burns Corrals has hand-picked a group of horses made up of 12 two-year-old wild fillies to go through the most detestable and invasive series of physical and emotional tortures. The sick grand finale begins soon—we must act to put a stop to this right now!

After their cruel capture and selection, the 12 wild young fillies are forced into a chute to endure a horrific "Mendelian" surgery. Dr. Leon Pilstick rams a pole with a chain at the end up their vaginas, cuts through their vaginas, blindly tightens the chain around their ovaries and rips them out. It's barbaric!

This medieval torture is controversial even for domestic mares who are used to human handling, with some horses dying as a result. The fillies who survive are sent to an auction for strangers to bid on.

The bid winners have a year to "teach" the wild fillies the ways of an enslaved domestic horse. They saddle break the horses and make them do herding and reining, even though their brains are still too young to focus on such demanding tasks. As mustangs, these fillies have not been bred for herding and reining. Their bones are not yet fused to do this arduous activity which may cause medical problems when they reach 8 or 9 years old.

Finally comes the Saturday Night Live Entertainment, Featuring the Wild Filly Spayed Futurity Event held in Reno, Nevada. The confused young fillies are forced to perform in front of cheering crowds while being ridden by cowboys who compete for a $25,000 purse. It is hard to comprehend how terrifying this must be for a wild animal.

The event is a twisted nightmare copy of the official Snaffle Bit Futurity Event which used to be held in Reno, Nevada before its recent move to Texas. The event's move after 40 years in Reno prompted a local campaign to keep it going there.

Forrest Lucas, billionaire founder of Lucas Oil and animal-advocacy attack group, Protect the Harvest agreed to sponsor the Reno event, but with conditions.

To further his own political agenda, Lucas demands that young spayed mustang fillies perform instead of older domestic quarter horses who have been trained with cows for years, bred for agility, and have strong developed hindquarters. Lucas, and ranchers who use our public lands as a form of welfare ranching, want to get rid of wild horses and burros from the horses' federally protected lands since they "compete" with exploited cows for vegetation and threaten profits. He previously put his voice and money behind their slaughter, but that hasn't worked. So now he is putting his voice and his money behind sterilizing all wild mustangs in the most brutal and barbaric ways possible.

Lucas is abusing these young, voiceless fillies in the Snaffle Bit Futurity to advertise the aims of what Lucas, and his abhorrent group, Protect the Harvest, wants. These tormented young fillies are not just being used, but paraded as an example in subjugation. They are subjected to barbaric spay procedures with possible future hormonal problems, and forced to train and perform with likely future physical problems which is outright animal abuse.

We must act now to demand Forrest Lucas and the event managers stop the perverted and wrongful use of wild fillies for this sick "entertainment."

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1) Stop financially supporting the coffers of welfare ranchers by buying the meat from their exploited bovine and equine victims. Learn how here: www.idausa.org/vegguide

2) Call Futurity Event office manager Kathy Gould 559-760-0512

You may wish to say:Please let the Principals, John Ward, Ted Robinson, and Daryl Hanson of the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity Event know that the Wild Spayed Filly Snaffle Bit Futurity Event is not an acceptable event for the Futurity. The use of once wild, spayed fillies for such an extreme sport meant for Quarter Horses is objectionable.

3) Fill out the form on this page to send our email (with your personal touch) to the National Reined Cow Horse Association.


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